Elected Members of the Collective Sales Committee

The following list of people, having met the eligibility criteria of the Land Titles (Strata) Act and its amendments, were voted in at the EOGM dated 8-Jul-2017. All members of the CSC are residents of Park West.

  • Frankie Lim Kim Huat (chairperson); block 12
  • Alan Wong Peng Khoon (vice chairperson); block 16
  • Josephine Choy Chung Pheng (treasurer); block 2
  • Lim Swee Kwang (secretary); block 2
  • Ryan Bettens (communications); block 12
  • Ong Chin Hwee; block 2
  • Tan Hin Teng; block 6
  • Abdul Waheed; block 10
  • Quek Kok Leong; block 10
  • Kartika W. Sutikna; block 12
  • Ms Michelle Ng Lai Hoong; block 14
  • Anna Li Zi Jia; block 16
  • Ryan Neo Chun Guan; block 20

Approximate Timeline (as at 7-May-2018)

The approximate timeline for the collective sale of Park West can be found here.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting 01 held 09-Jul-17, CSC Park West minutes 2017-07-09 01.
Meeting 02 held 17-Jul-17, CSC Park West minutes 2017-07-17 02.
Meeting 03 held 18-Jul-17, CSC Park West minutes 2017-07-18 03.
Meeting 04 held 20-Jul-17, CSC Park West minutes 2017-07-20 04.
Meeting 05 held 24-Jul-17, CSC Park West minutes 2017-07-24 05.
Meeting 06 held 29-Aug-17, CSC Park West minutes 2017-08-29 06.
Meeting 07 held 13-Sep-17, CSC Park West minutes 2017-09-13 07.
Meeting 08 held 06-Oct-17, CSC Park West minutes 2017-10-06 08.
Meeting 09 held 18-Nov-17, CSC Park West minutes 2017-11-18 09.
Meeting 10 held 28-Nov-17, CSC Park West minutes 2017-11-28 10.
Meeting 11 held 03-Dec-17, CSC Park West minutes 2017-12-03 11.
Meeting 12 held 14-Aug-18, CSC Park West minutes 2018-08-14 12.


Communique 01 held 06-Aug-18, Communique 6 Aug 18.
Communique 02 held 20-Aug-18, Communique 02 20 Aug 18.

Legally Verified Signatories of the CSA

Varying degrees of verification is required to firmly establish that the person/persons signing the CSA are who they say they are, and are also the true and rightful current owners of the unit. Documents required can include, but are not limited to, transfer of ownership, death certificates, proof of ownership, overseas CSA verification, and a title search. As such there can be a significant delay between signing the CSA and it being legally verified. There is always at least a one week delay between an SP signing and it being legally verified.

Verified Owners as at 14-Sep-17

The discrepancy between the percentage units signed as given in the minutes to meeting 07 (13-Sep-17) above and the below legally verified signatories is fully accounted for as follows: 8 units were still in the cooling-off period; 15 units are still pending verifying documentation as described above.

English Chinese 20170914Malay Tamil 20170914.

Verified Owners as at 13-Oct-17

English 20171013Chinese 20171013Malay 20171013Tamil 20171013.

Verified Owners as at 10-Nov-17

English 20171110Chinese 20171110Malay 20171110Tamil 20171110.

Verified Owners as at 23-Nov-17

English 20171123Chinese 20171123Malay 20171123Tamil 20171123.

Verified Owners as at 21-Dec-17

English 20171221Chinese 20171221Malay 20171221Tamil 20171221.

Verified Owners as at 18-Jan-18

English 20180118Chinese 20180118Malay 20180118Tamil 20180118.

Tender Awarded 11-Jan-18

The tender has closed for Park West on the January 11, 12 noon, 2018. See the SGX public announcement by the developer for details.

Notice of Proposed Application to the Strata Titles Boards

The notice of the proposed application to the Strata Titles Boards (forms 26 and 27) can be found here.

Signing the CSA

You may sign the CSA at the solicitor’s office, or if you have problems getting there please contact either of the Huttons agents also found below.

1 Coleman Street,
#08-03 The Adelphi,
Singapore 179803

Mondays to Fridays
From 9am to 6pm

Contact No. 6837 8100

For enquiries please call:
Andrew Yeo (R047891E): 9888 1112
Stanley Soh (R012218E): 9327 0274