Read about en bloc issues and the latest en bloc news in The Straits Times

You can find letters to The Straits Times regarding en bloc issues like “Collective sales stem from pragmatism” or “An opportunity to rejuvenate old estates” both published 10-Jun-17, or “Why some owners agree to collective sales” published 12-Jun-17 all in answer to the letter “Collective sales destroying communities” published 9-Jun-17 by going to the The Straits Times site and searching for En Bloc Sales. Also available there are all the news items dating back around six months regarding en bloc sales published in The Straits Times.

Park West in the news!

You can find our front page article in The Business Times on Monday 21-Aug-2017 here, or our tender launch reported by Channel News Asia here and PropertyGuru here.

News relating to award of tender can be found at TheEdge, or PropertyGuru.

News relating to the property developer can be found at Mingtiandi.

Learn about the en bloc procedures

Here is a very readable article entitled “Starting an en bloc sale – Salient issues to consider” published on 27 July 2016 by Dentons Rodyk (a law firm). An edited version of the article entitled “So you want to go en bloc…” appeared in The Straits Times on 18 July 2016. Do note the paragraph on “incentive payments“. Such payments are illegal and will absolutely not be engaged in — ever.

Estimating a new condo’s launch price

So you know what a developer paid, or is expected to pay, for a plot of land in PSF PPR. Do you want to see a simple way to roughly gauge what the developer must charge for new units so that they can make a reasonable profit? Just go to the article “ guides: Hints on developer launch price” published 12 September 2016 by to find out.

Understand the Method of Apportionment

The method of apportionment, or the way the sales proceeds are distributed to each unit owner is explained here.

The approximate timeline to the collective sale of Park West.

To gain an idea of just how long the en bloc process takes, check this page for an approximate timeline of sale for Park West.

The Park West promotional video.

Park West Relocation Options from Owners Meeting 26 Jan 2018

Relocation options for Park West owners and a now very much outdated timeline were presented at the owner’s meeting (26 Jan 2018) and the follow up meeting (7 Feb 2018). The slides presented on both occasions can be found hereDo note that the timelines presented at these early meetings are now completely outdated, but are preserved here for historical purposes and reference. For the most updated timeline please visit this page.